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Bad Job Descriptions/Site Offline/JSS

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Nikki G Member Since: Mar 20, 2015
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Just putting my two cents out there/venting...Cat Happy


I'm always shocked by the number of clients who just slap together a poorly written job description and then post it. It says a lot about the client. I avoid them like the plague, but I'm surprised by freelancers who STILL apply to them. 


With that said, I wish Upwork scrutized a client's job posting the same way they do a freelancer's profile.


Doing so would eliminate (or I would hope so) some of the bogus job postings out there and insanely low paying jobs (Ex: $3 for 10 one-thousand word articles). In a nutshell, I feel it would definitely prevent clients from clogging/filling up the job feeds with their horrific postings.


This is just a request of mine that I would like to see Upwork implement one day. I don't foresee it obviously happening anytime soon because they have bigger things to preventing the site from continuously going offline. 


That's another topic in itself. But since I'm on it, I REALLY hope they finish doing whatever they're doing to the site soon. It's making it difficult to work :-(  I wish those at the top would finally tell us what's going on in an 'Official Upwork' post....or have I overlooked it?


I am trying to be patient and very understanding, though.


A part of me wants to blame JSS. I feel like the issues with the site started ever after the dispised JSS began...or is that just me? LOL. 


Anyway...Upwork...I still have faith ya'll (so far). Listen to your freelancers. Without us to take a client's job, YOU wouldn't make money. We are really the backbone of this platform.


Goodnight fellow freelancers,


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Mariska P Member Since: Apr 27, 2015
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Upwork doesn't have a committed team for assessing job posts, but it can be described as a hit and miss operation. Sometimes they'll catch something in the first 15 minutes where something with grown up wording is involved, and then other job posts with worse grown up descriptions go unnoticed until we inform Upwork.  


It's also a hit and miss operation in the area of profiles - obviously, because so many of us have let Upwork know when profiles are violating terms of service. 


So we're kinda stuck and on our own to assess the job descriptions, and we're on our own in reporting suspect profiles. sigh. 


Smiley Happy 

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Vladimir G Community Manager Member Since: Oct 31, 2014
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Hi Nikki,


Thank you for sharing your feedback. Regarding poorly written job descriptions you've noticed, some client don't put enough effort into customizing the job post to adequately describe their needs and as a result end up coming across as spam. Spam job posts are not allowed and can be considered a violation of Upwork policy. When these are reported, we'll review them and if appropriate connect with the client so they can provide more detail in the job description or remove these posts for policy infringement.


We'll continue doing what we can to get more info from clients on these jobs so you can have what you need to submit proposals. Where there isn't that detail, flag the job as inappropriate and we'll take a look.

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Stephen J Member Since: Jul 9, 2016
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Thanks for this! The software category is almost 91% garbage posts like "I want an app, give me a bid." Here's an example that's currently being described:
**Edited for Community Guidelines**

Which is a whole lot of nothing. I even bid on one that basically says "We have art ready. Android is already done. Bid now." in a nutshell.

I was just gonna start marking these guys as spam, but wasn't sure if there were repercussions because I'd be flagged.


Also, are your mods smart enough to read that stuff and know that they aren't descriptionis, even though they contain multiple sentences? I'm asking because Stack Overflows mods very often make that type of mistake, or lack reading comprehension and you'll see posts closed for reasons you'd think a programmer would be smart enough not to do.

Anyway, marking as spam is the only thing I have. But it's frustrating as heck, when literally the majority of everything I wade through is just empty and void of descriptions.

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Mariska P Member Since: Apr 27, 2015
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So why doesn't Upwork approve clients' job postings before they are let loose in the job feed? I mean, our profiles have to be approved first so there has to be time to check clients' ads right? 

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Kieran C Member Since: Aug 21, 2015
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I suppose this is why other websites charge clients to put up job postings. It stops the laziness and "let's just throw it out there and see what we get" attitude. Hence the many, many clients with low hire rates etc.


For them, they risk absolutely nothing from minimal effort. 


My biggest irritation is the one-liners. "I need some writing."


I'd also love to see the Experts section, or indeed all of the sections, policed a little bit. Of course, it is partly down to the individual to deem what is an 'Expert' rate, but I think we can all agree that $1 for 1,000 words, even if you're living with a pack of wolves in the woods, is too low to live on, and cannot, regardless of context, be regarded as an 'Expert' rate. 

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Preston H Member Since: Nov 24, 2014
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re: "Thanks for this! The software category is almost 91% garbage posts like 'I want an app, give me a bid.'"



One man's garbage is another man's treasure.


I have earned tens of thousands of dollars from clients who do not know how to write good job posts, but who have real money. If you don't like to bid on vague job posts, then just ignore them. Those jobs are not meant for you.