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Bad Review

Hello upwork community members. I recently did a fixed price job of 30$ on Upwork. But the client ended the contract without completing the work and left me with bad feedback. I told him I will return the money but he doesn't want the money back. I am not a top rated freelancer. But still I want to delete his bad feedback. If I give him a full refund, will this bad feedback be removed from my profile?

Thank you.


Hi Nahid,


I'm sorry to hear that the project did not go well. You can issue a full refund to the client to remove the public feedback on your profile but please know that the impact on your JSS will not be adjusted.


To issue a refund, kindly go to the contract room, select the menu option (...) and choose "Give a Refund."



~ AJ

The client does not want a refund money. But I want to refund him. Because I want to remove bad feedback from my profile. But the problem is that I have withdrawn money from Upwork a few days ago. The project was worth 30$ but now I have 24$. How can I refund him?

Hi Nahid,


Thank you for following up. One of our team members will reach out to you directly via a support ticket to assist you further. You can access your tickets on this page.


~ Nikola

Thank you so much


Community Member

You not need client agreement to refund. Just refund it, thats all. Your public feedback will be hidden after full refund. But private feedback still affect your JSS.

If I give a full refund to the client and he doesn't accept the money, will the feedback be removed from my profile?

Hi Nahid,


Yes, that is correct. The public feedback will be removed from your profile after you issue a full refund.

~ AJ

Hi‚ Annie

Thanks for your reply. I gave full refund to the client but still the bad feedback is not removed from my profile. Please remove this feedback from my profile because I full refund him.

Thank you

Hi Nahid,


Thank you for your message. I can confirm that the job is no longer visible on your Upwork profile now. 


Thank you,



Thanks Pradeep

Yes the feedback is no longer showing on my profile.

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