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Bad client

I want help to report a client. It has been one of the worst experiences I've ever had and I can't find an easy way to report it, so I come here. 


It was a job for a customer service role. I had to reply to their emails, and from the beginning, all they did was just show me canned responses they had and explain them quickly. 

I started replying with those answers until one day their ticketing system failed and logged us all out. One week later it was solved but my boss started to micro-manage my work which is not bad per see: Even though I ask constantly about their limits and the ticket goal per day, this was never resolved until a few days ago (one month after having started) then I was criticized for not resolving enough tickets. I was told about a limit after all and I attached to that limit fulfilling my job; however, my boss wasn't happy with me. She kept being condescending with me, giving me feedback that was unsustained.


Finally, she decided to finish my contract, to which I responded that I wasn't happy. She stated through our communication channel that I had to stop talking or she would leave a very negative report about me. I talked to her about the threat and she kept going with it; when I asked about how the payment would go she stated that she hoped I wouldn't cause any trouble or she would report me and would delay the payment. 


As per normal paid break time, it was never accepted it, and your terms state that "Allow the employee to take paid rest breaks and unpaid meal breaks as required by local laws and authorized by the employer" I only had an unpaid lunch and no breaks whatsoever, even going to the bathroom was trouble. I have all the evidence in Slack.

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It's against Upwork's Terms of Service to go offsite with a prospect. Stay on the site.


Once you have a client project and it is closed, you have the opportunity to leave a review.

Where does it say that he's planning to go off site, or that the client suggested it? 

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I'm not clear about why you want to report this client. Clients are allowed to not like your work and to terminate a contract at any time. Being difficult and condescending isn't against any rules either, unless the client used racist or abusive language, but if you don't like working with someone, you're also free to end the contract. Was this an hourly contract in which you used the Upwork time tracker, or some other arrangement? 

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