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Bad effect on my profile


I had two project that the contract blocked by the upwrok because of my clients had some problems that I don't know what was. Now, I have two completed project without any review on my profile. I finished their jobs but they leave me without any review. I think this has a bad effect on my profile. Can I remove them? 

Can the Upwork help me to make them better on my profile. I did a lot of works for them and when their contract blocked I did not have any review or star for my works.

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Amir Javad S wrote:

I think this has a bad effect on my profile. 

It has no bad (or any) effect on your profile at all.


Amir Javad S wrote:

Can I remove them?

You can by refunding them in full, but why would you want to do that?

I'm new in upwork and I just thought this might make my next clients feel bad.

Amir Javad S wrote:

his might make my next clients feel bad.

It doesn't and even if it did, it wouldn't be as bad as refunding over $ 1100 would make you feel 😉

Once when you get a JSS, those contracts won't affect it at all. Just keep it like that.


If the client wasn't satisfied with the finished job, he would write a negative review for sure. In this case, your jobs are in a neutral zone. That's how an average client sees this situation when he comes to your profile.

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Hi Amir.

There would be no negative effect on your profile so you don't need to refund the money to the client.

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