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Bad rating given by messed up client.

They falsified the company's location. We lost contact with any managers along the way and instead got messages, "There are bonuses for those who do much work!". And finally, they ended the contract without any notice and put a bad evaluation of me.
Even though I had sent a message saying that I would resume work as soon as my weekly salary was paid because I had not been paid.
I feel like I was hit and run by a driver who drives like a mess.
What should I have done?
Had I consulted Upwork early on, would I not have received such a one-sided assessment?

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Hi Takae,


First and foremost, this is not the end of the road. If i remember correctly, ratings are weighted by the total amount of payment in that contract. So a 3 star ratings with 100 dollar payment will not have much impact on your jss. Even if it does, i see people getting hired while having 70 jss. 


The best thing you can do about avoiding bad ratings is trying to asess clients stability by reviewing their prior contracts. And sometimes unexpected things happen and clients decide to give you a bad feedback rather than discussing directly with you how they feel. There's not much you can do about it other than moving on and continuing to deliver great work. 

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You are top rated and have the perk to remove the bad rating if you wish.  Read up on how this is done and if you are still in the time frame to do so.


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