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Re: Bad upgrade experience

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Vicky L Member Since: May 18, 2015
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So I joined up last week on a free plan to have a browse and get a feel for the Upwork platform. I liked what I saw and upgraded to a Plus plan yesterday to get more functionality, especially the ability to see other bids. After my upgrade I still couldn't see others bids. I know Upwork takes time to update (saved jobs is a good example) so gave it a few hours but still no luck.


So I initiated a chat where I was told it's a known bug which they're fixing. Fair enough but I said I'd like my billing cycle restarted after the bug is fixed. After all I've paid for an upgrade that I can't use properly as a vital part of the added functionality is not available. The support guy on the chat said maybe, but couldn't promise anything. Not knowing a completed chat gets submitted as a ticket, I sunmitted a new ticket to document the conversation and my problem.


Overnight I received a reply to my ticket saying "your upgraded agency plus account will only take effect after your last membership expires (your membership before the one you upgraded). Generally speaking, after your last billing cycle date duration with your previous membership expires."


I can see how that works when you downgrade, but for an upgrade? I find this totally unreasonable as I have paid for an upgrade that should allow me to see other bids, but not for the next 3 weeks of my billing cycle. How does that work??? What's more, there was no mention of a bug being addressed which contradicts what the support guy said to me on chat... I'm confused and frustrated. Has anyone else had similar issues?

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Isaac C Member Since: Mar 7, 2015
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Hey Vicky, 


I don't have experience with upgrading my upwork account - I have been toying with the idea...this could be a major hurdle to getting me over the fence. Having said that, I'd take what the upwork support says with a pinch of salt - they don't seem to know what they talking about (very poor).

My understanding is that your billing cycle starts the day you enroll in a Plus plan.  So you should have access to the additional perks once you upgraded. To quote the TOS: "If you upgrade a membership, it will result in a new billing date effective upon the date of payment of the additional fees..." Basically you pay, you get immediate access to the additional features. 

My experience with elance is that you can choose when you want the upgrade to become effective, next billing cycle or immediately. I'd hope upwork would have similar options. 


It's not clear from your post if you did get an upgrade or not - for instance did you get the additional 10 connects? If you got the upgrade but are not able to see the bids - shouldn't there be a money back guarantee? 


It would be great if a community manager could jump on this thread and clarify:


1. Is a membership upgrade (for individual and agencies) effective once payment is made?

2. What happens when we can't access the features promised in the upgrade (due to persistent bugs et al)? 



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Lena E Community Manager Member Since: Apr 7, 2015
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First off, Welcome to the Community and to Upwork. I am sorry that your experience thus far has been frustrating. I have looked into your ticket and the original information you were given was not entirely correct. Your membership should take effect when you upgrade. I see that another agent has been in contact with you to clarify the correct information and your ticket has been escalated because of the bug, to the correct team. 





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Vicky L Member Since: May 18, 2015
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Appreciate your response Lena. I look forward to seeing the bug resolved very soon. Then I can make informed bids by being able to see other bids. Right now, I've made a few blind bids but it's a waste of my Connects...





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Setu M Member Since: Jan 26, 2014
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Informative post from Isaac.

Lena, thanks for confirming, but what of the other part to her request to have her billing cycle reflect the date when the bug is fixed. After all the OP stated that this was a major goal why she upgraded in the first place.

I think it is better CS agents genuinely say I don't know, let me find out, than give misleading information.
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Community Manager
Lena E Community Manager Member Since: Apr 7, 2015
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Payment/refunds is not an area that I would be able to provide an answer to. I would advise Vicky to follow-up with the agent that she is currently working with to see if it is possible for her to get a refund because of the bug with the bid feature. 



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Ela K Member Since: Feb 9, 2015
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One thing I noticed today - looking at a job posting on an iPad and on a MacBook: on the iPad I can see the bid range (as in lowest and highest bid). What I can't see are clients' requests such as "100 hours" etc.


Those I can see on my MacBook. But there I have no access to bid levels.


I have a basic membership. So, why can I see things she's paying to see, and can't?

And why is it different on different appliances?

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Vicky L Member Since: May 18, 2015
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Still no progress on this bug...


Bug or otherwise, surely someone can just manually provide my account with the "see current bids" functionality? It really shouldn't be that hard. Please just give me the functionality I paid for and resolve your bug later.