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Balance $0 after the order is completed.

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Evgeniy G Member Since: Dec 10, 2017
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Today I done my first order. After that he transfered to me $15, as it was agreed. [screenshot 1]. But my balance was still $0 [screenshot 2].

Then I added my PayPal payment method (I thinked, the reason in the lack of payment method).
I waited some time, but my UpWork balance was still $0.


What am I doing wrong?
Help me, please.
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Goran V Moderator Member Since: Mar 24, 2017
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Hi Evgeniy,

Please go to Reports > and on the dropdown menu select Overview. You will see in what stage are your funds. Funds from fixed price contracts will become available to you after the 5 days security period.

I would also strongly recommend to check out this Thread and learn how Upwork work.

~ Goran

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Hasmik V Member Since: Aug 12, 2017
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Hey Evgeniy,


You are not doing anything wrong. Go to Reprorts, Overview and you will see your funds status. For fixed price contracts, the amount will be "pending" for 5 days after the client approve your payment request. Before approval it is "in review", and before you ask for approval it is "work in progress". A little different for hourly-paid contracts.


Happy freelancing!

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Vladimir G Member Since: Dec 10, 2017
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Hi, Evgeniy!

You should open "Reports" tab, then "Overview" tab. You will see " Pending" tab and your money will be here a few days (6 days, if I am right). This time necessary for checking the result by clients.

After that, your money will be moved to the right column - "Available" and you will be able to receive them.

Best regards, Vladimir