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Basic membership or connect rollover

Hello There,

I want to ask you I register myself on Upwork as Freelancer and select Basic Membership for now and get around 20 connects. I get information through Upwork connects will rollover upto140 but next month I didn't receive next month's connect (next 20 connects). last month remaining is 12 connects and this same rollover to the next month too.

I just need to confirm in Basic membership Freelancer will get every month 20 connects or only one time 20 connects.

Thanks in advance!


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only one time

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The first 20 connects are a freebie.  Once you run out, you need to buy more connects.  If you opt for the Freelancer Plus plan ($14.99) you will receive 70 connects monthly.  They roll over up to 140 connects. 

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