Be WARN before you say anything against upwork

flagging seems to have effect to ONE WHO FLAG!

I flage some profiles in OCT 2015 because they look like same person, profile picture, name are even same. I again discuss about them in community here, BUT they are working until today but you know what, upwork SUSPEND ME!


they cancle all my proposals, about 50 I made as freelancer and under my own agency, all were new, since I finish many jobs recently and were bidding since one week.  so I lost 100 connects and interviews!


its also count me on recent account holds which now may bring me far from Top rated, otherwise I am with 88%JS and finish all jobs good last week hoping for cross 90.


all happend with me because I PASSED the upwork readyness test in one minute and this is not suitable for their so call intergirty!


I don't understand why they not just ask me to make the private instead ruining my career of one month, cause I have no connects and I can't spend USD100 to bid again on 50 proposals. my field is engineering and I take time to write proposals and so they lost me my 20 hours working since whole of last week! 


even I purchase connects then I can't found job until next week or more so basically they run me out for half of month for only the reson that I passed a test in one minute.


I discuss with CS, they are not able to reply me, one even left. I discuss again with another, he only saying that due to limitation we can't refund you connects.


I have both my individual and agency membership paid.


Besides, that 3 profiels are still on role, taking my jobs for lower money, their JS is 45% - 70%. even he is client for himself.. is that NOT AFFECTING UPWORK INTEGRITY? 


I want my connects back!

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Gajendra,


I have checked and can confirm that the warning you received and the temporary suspension of your account are not related to the TOS violation report you have made earlier. I see that our CS representative explained the reasons for the temporary suspension of your account in the ticket and the issue has been sorted out already.


Additionally, I can confirm that the team reviewed and took actions about the profiles you have reported earlier.


Thank you!

~ Valeria

No, its WAS NOT sorted out,

they not REFUND my connects.
they not RESTORE my proposals.


they only give me reason why account suspended that was I pass a test in one minute!

I had given that test about months ago!


I DO NOT commit any fraud.

I DO NOT Voilate any policy.

I DO NOT call clients outside upwork

I DO NOT done any crime.


it was just a test passed in one minute, which you know very well anybody can pass in one minute who is working since 2 years on upwork/odesk/elance.


so why instead making my 50 proposals, 20 hours work and 15 days income in waste, CS just ask me to make that private? 


I have reported many plagiarists, among others, neven been punished for this. I guess your issues are unrelated to you flagging profiles.

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Hey Rene,

no defence but it hurts how they deal with honest people.


what you write I do hope so its correct, I could accept this! even then my concern independently still NOT FAIR. 


I given test months ago! and it takes action suddenly now. it could be hidden if not fits by a simple email, no fraud were there, it was not such big issue to punish me with alot like that!


beside to whom I flag  4 months ago, look clear fraud still enjoying the upwork and misusing to build there profiles.


so what should be first action of upwork team to stop them who doing fraud or ruin the career of person who doing his best; for no such solid reason.


Hummm... There's something going on with the readiness test.... Another freelancer, that took 2 minutes to do the test, is complaining about a similar situation.