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Be careful virus and fake job! This client are keeping post virus job!

Job title:

**Edited for Community Guidelines**


This guy is keeping post several fake jobs with different title but same project named solnino!


I tried to run this project as they required to attach screenshot but found strange codes in config.js and then they deleted job and reposted another one with same project files.


The point is that the job title and description are changed every time even the project files are same!!!


I reported about it to Upwork support team but not sure why they don't block this dirty client account yet!


Be careful guys and stay safe!




Hi Lee,


Thank you for sharing this information with the Community. Our Trust and Safety team reviews all the flagged accounts and checks for any Upwork ToS violation then take action based on our internal process accordingly. 


You did the right thing by reporting and blocking the client. 


We highly suggest reviewing our ToS, reading these tips on how to avoid questionable jobs, and this post from our Community member, Wes, about top red flags for scams for you to keep yourself safe in the marketplace. Should you also encounter any suspicious user activity again in the future, please send us a flag so the dedicated team can review it and take action as soon as possible.

~ AJ
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I just got one from them. The config.js file **Edited for Community Guidelines**  mentioned does look malicious. It seems like they are trying to have developers run the code, access files on their computer, and sending it to some remote server. Looks like they are hoping to get private keys from developers involved in the crypto space. 

**Edited for Community Guidelines**

Hi Jason,


I am sorry to hear about your experience. I shared your report with our team to investigate and take action based on our internal processes. In the future, feel free to use the "Flag as Inappropriate" option throughout the site to report any suspicious activity.


- Pradeep

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Hi Pradeep. Thank you for the reply. I'll make a note of the flag feature. Any reason why the screenshot of the conversation was deleted? I believe it will help other freelancers from being harmed by these malicious hacker(s). 

Jason, the screenshot of the conversation was deleted as it does not adhere to our Community Guidelines. One of the rules of the Upwork Community is to avoid including names of persons or companies (or other identifying information) in an accusation of misconduct, incompetence, or other wrongdoing. This is to protect the privacy and reputation of all parties involved and to prevent any potential legal issues. If you have a problem with a client or a freelancer, you can always report it directly to Upwork through the appropriate channels, such as the dispute resolution process or the customer support team. Posting it in the Community is not appropriate and may result in your post being removed or edited by the moderators.


A common tactic of fraudulent users is to create false identities with fabricated information, such as names, locations, and profiles. This can have negative consequences for legitimate users who share the same names as the impostors.


- Pradeep

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you can also ban **Edited for Community Guidelines**, same story, asking for screenshot, sending dodgy files. 

Hi Ernesto,

I checked the job post you were referring to, and it's already been taken down because it was in violation of Upwork TOS. Action has also been taken on the client's account.
Thank you for bringing this to our attention, and don't hesitate to continue using the flag option found on each job post or message anytime you'd like to report a violation.
~ Luiggi
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