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Beneficiary name mismatch

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Mahima R Member Since: Feb 4, 2020
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I'm just new to upwork, and when I created my profile, I only used my nickname "Mahima" for my first name, but when I set up my Get Paid info., I typed in my legal first name which is "Mahima Ramkot" and is now showing me the status "Beneficiary name mismatch", it kinda bothers me that this would affect my future payment postings. What should I do? Do I just need to change my profile name to my legal name to fix this?
Though I really wanted my profile name to show "Mahima Ramkot" instead of "Mahima R", because if I use the latter, people will call me "Ramkot" instead of "Mahima".

Thank you!

Goran V Moderator Member Since: Mar 24, 2017
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Hi Mahima,


Please allow up to 3 days for the verification on your payment method to be completed. If you`re still experiencing problems after this, let me know here. Thank you.