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Benefit of bidding with more connects



What is the benefit of bidding with more number of connects to any specific projects? How the bid is highlighted that is placed with more number of connects? 


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Hi Anup,


When you’re able to be first in line for projects you’re excited about, you’re more likely to land the work you want. If your bid is high enough and your proposal is boosted to a top spot, the client will see a blue lightning bolt icon with “Boosted” adjacent to your name. Your proposal will be in the top three proposals shown to the client. You can learn all about Boosted Proposals here.


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I have seen no 'benefit' in doing it at all because the person paying the 'most connects' to get to the top of the list is not always the most qualified, and sometimes not qualified at all. 


Some clients are starting to ignore it actually because some unqualified freelancers are 'boosting' themselves to the top of the client's list when most clients probably want to see the proposals ordered by who is most qualified, not who 'paid' the most to send in a proposal. Most clients are not looking to hire the freelancer that is 'the most interested' in a project, but the one that is most qualified, and allowing freelancers to go 'straight to the top' of the list, qualified or not, doesn't exactly help the client identify the best prospect faster.


Also, the note that shows up to the client saying 'boosted' and "this freelancer spent more on this job to get noticed' might actually be turning clients off, like the 'available now' flag on profiles:  It creates an appearance of desperation.  I've had a couple of clients tell me they actual ignore proprosals that come in 'boosted' because often the 'boosted' proposals are the least qualified.  The person screaming "Hey. Look at me. Look at me.  Hire me. Hire me, please" is usually the last person anybody wants to hire.  That's just a fact.  Also, if a person has to spend extra to be 'noticed', then that raises the question why the person's skills, experience, and track record aren't enough to get 'noticed' by the client.  It may work or it may have the exact opposite effect and cause the client to avoid your proposal like the plague.


When they first offered 'boosting' as a pilot program months ago, I tried it a couple times and actually found I got fewer responses.  When I read that article and found out they were attaching a note telling the client 'this freelancers paid more to send a proposal', I immediately understood why the number of responses I was receving dropped.  Since they started allowing 'boosting' again, I haven't used it and still get the same ratio of responses as before. 


Likely, the only guaranteed 'benefit' is to Upwork - when you burn through your 'connects' faster and have to buy more.  😂

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