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Best Possible Answer

Seeking guidance.  Note this message below


Hope you’re doing well! Your resume has been reviewed and forwarded to the head of operation and you have been considered and scheduled for an online interview to discuss more about the job position that you are to occupy. You are required to set up a Gmail account (http://www.gmail.com) on your desktop if you don't have one. After this process you are to add Mr. ******** his Gmail Hangouts, email is ******@gmail.com) to your Gmail hangouts list ASAP for the job briefing and comprehensive details.

**** is online waiting to talk to you ASAP.
Venue: On line Via Gmail hangouts
Training is Available

Best Regards,

Tell me, what is the best possible response to a potential client who has communicated with you, a freelancer, as above?

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Ignore. It is a scam.

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Thanks Tonya

I actually responded that I would be happy to communicate via the medium preferred by Upwork.  Couple hours later I checked back and there was no response.

Then today, I got the same message, with a few variations.

I took out the actual names in places and placed asterisks instead. 

Guess, I just won't follow up on the conversation then.



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