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Best Way to Handle Jobs that Seem Suspicious

 I flagged a job because the client asked me to do a free "assessment" (and is interviewing many others). Does it reflect negatively on my profile if I stop responding to them? What's the best to handle jobs that seem suspicious after flagging? Withdraw proposal or ignore? Is just flagging sufficient enough to keep Upwork from letting it affect my response time / perceived reliability? I don't really like getting into a back and forth with clients in situations like these. Thanks! 

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Hi Rose,

Scammers will make it seem like they are hiring people so they seem legit best advice I can give is dont send proposals to anyone wanting to make contact outside of upwork - this is against Upwork's ToS. Jobs that offer big payments for small jobs, multiple postings of same job are all scams and also jobs with a small amount of bids (less than 5). I just keep flagging these until UPwork finds a better way to deal  with them.

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