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Best method to withdraw money to Pakistan

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Majid A Member Since: Jun 12, 2019
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I wanted to know that which is the best method to withdraw money to Pakistan.
I had done some research but have some questions.

1. Direct to local bank:upwork doesn't give competitive exchange rates. So, this method is suitable or we should go for other method? Which method saves us more money?
Upwork charges 0.99$ per transaction. Also, are there any other charges like intermediaries charges by bank or sth else? I have a HBL account.

2. Upwork to payoneer: payonner does give us competitive exchange rates but there are other charges.

Upwork charges 2$ per transaction. But when you withdraw from payoneer to local account how much does that cost? Is is the same account when we withdraw using firect to local?

(Pakistani freelancers kindly guide me)
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Muiz A Member Since: Dec 20, 2018
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Hi Majid,

I think Payoneer is the best withdrawal method for Pakistani freelancers. I have been using it and so is the majority of freelancers from Pakistan. You get the best exchange rates by transferring from Upwork to Payoneer, and then Payoneer to your bank account. If you enable immediate load option in Payoneer (which enables you to recieve the funds within 2-3 hours), you're charged $2 by Upwork, $2.50 by Payoneer for Bank withdrawal, and $2.50 by Payoneer for immediate loading method.

Hope this helps.