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Best strategy to avoid lowered JSS

I'm a new freelancer on Upwork, and I'm doing pretty good. A steady stream of jobs, glowing 5* reviews, and a 100% JSS score.


However... about a week ago I did a job for a client. The job was simple - he needed a couple of his MBA application letters proofread, edited, and polished. I'd already worked with him once, and he gave me a 5* review.


I did the job to my usual high standard and sent it back to him, expecting no issues. Instead, I got a reply stating that he was 'very disappointed'. He said that my work was 'full of errors' (it wasn't), and claimed that he could easily have used free software to do the work  (no software in the world could have done the job). He picked out a couple of sentences that he wasn't happy with, but was unable to explain why he didn't like them, just that they 'could be better'.


I politely pointed out that I thought the sentences were fine, but agreed to have another look. I went through the document and made a load of (unecessary) changes, then sent it back to him with a request for payment.


That was a week ago, and I haven't heard back. My suspicion is that having received the edited documents, he decided to kick up a fuss in the hope I'd offer him a refund. 


So what should I do? I could let the clock tick down and get the payment, but that would leave me open to him leaving me a vindictive review, which I really don't want fouling up my profile. I could offer him a refund, but I understand that would have a negative impact on my JSS. As far as I'm aware, I have no further options.


Anyone have any advice?

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The only good outcome is if he disappears and you close the contract with no feedback from him. 

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Rob J wrote:


So what should I do?

Let the clock tick down and get paid. 

If you close the contract without being paid, your JSS will suffer anyway. The client might just never appear again, don't contact him or write messages. Just let it go quietly.

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