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Best way to do tutoring


It sometimes happens to be that clients require you to tutor them in how to solve a particular problem, instead of asking you to solve the problem.

The best way I can think of providing tutoring is by Skype. I feel I would need to do the skyping from a tablet where I could draw and sketch my ideas. The problem comes when you need to teach a software and that software works only on laptops or desktops.


But, drawing in a laptop or a desktop is terrible unless you have an external drawing tab.


So, what is your experience in tutoring jobs? What are the techniques and tools you use? Please share it here!






Community Guru

Using Skype for tutoring is OK. However, I use TeamViewer Of course, there are many other solutions available.


For training material and for other purposes, I use a variety of tools like MockFlow, Pencil, and my favorite, XMind.


Most of my tutoring is during the hand-off stage; delivery of the end product. I want to make sure that the client is 100% satisfied with my services so training is often provided at no additional cost (cost is usually factored into the base price; a very small markup).

Ron aka LanWanMan

Thank you, Ronald!
Your last paragraph makes me thinking. The primary service this client is asking is tutoring him on how to solve a certain problem using a certain software. I seem to have bypassed the fact that I need to actually solve that particular problem first, and then teach him so that he can also solve it. I could also solve it as I teach him, but I would for sure run into many problems on the way. So, I am somehow reversing your workflow here, and I am now considering of asking the client to pay me for solving the problem first, and then I train him after that.

Community Guru

I second the plug Ron gave for Teamviewer. It's an excellent training, tutoring and support tool.


If I am sharing my screen during a Teamviewer session and I know that I will have do the same thing again in the future, I record the session for later use, adjust the audio bits, and if needed, re-brand it.