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Best way to withdraw in Nigeria

Hey guys, please what is the best way to withdraw in Nigeria,

The exchange rate for direct bank is too poor, how can one use PayPal or payoneer to withdraw and get the black market exchange rate? Can one withdraw from payoneer or PayPal direct to a dormiciliary account?

Please am new here and I will highly appreciate your inputs. Thanks alot
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You can create a dollar account with Payoneer and use it to set up a payment method. The thing is, Payoneer T&Cs states that they do not allow US Dollar withdrawals from countries that do not use US dollar as official currency, so I've not used the Payoneer to withdraw funds yet.


Your best bet is opening a domicilary account with any of the banks (prefarably UBA) and collecting through wire transfer. You can gather funds for a period of time before withdrawing so the $30 fee won't be much of a hassle.


Hope i was able to help. Best wishes!!!

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