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Best way to withdraw money in France as an auto-entrepeneur?



I would like to ask my question specifically to the French freelancers out there under the autoentrepreneur status. As we all know the converstion rate applied by upwork's bank  is terrible, and I'm looking for the best way to withdraw my money while losing as little as possible during the process.


Now, I know about the payment methods, but concretely, what bank should I use for my micro-entreprise and which payment method? Wire transfer is cool, but it's useless if I open an account in a bank that charges as much as Upwork does. Knowing that I'm not working exclusively on Upwork, which means I also get paid in euros.


So basically, what is the best combination? In which bank should I open a professional account and which payment method should I choose then? Has anyone figured that out?


Thank you.


PS: in case anyone get suspicious, I do have a legal status right now, which is not autoentrepreneur, but  it's  not very satisfying so I'm planning on switching again.

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