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Best way to withdraw money in India

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Ramesh K Member Since: Oct 25, 2015
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Dont use Skrill.

Very pathetic customer service.

Once I made a withdrawal from Skrill to IDBI and the amount was in hold for almost 40 days by IDBI bank and they said 'Skrill is in Reserve bank's banned list'. 

But I have asked RBI and they dont have any such ban on Skrill.

Anyhow, IDBI returned that amount back to Skrill, but it took almost 3 weeks for Skrill to re credit that amount.

They never ever replied to any our our queries. Also their withdrawal fee and currency conversions are tooooo high compared with others.

Don't ever go for Skrill.

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Pritam K Member Since: Nov 23, 2015
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Hi Friend,

I'm just asking....

My upwork pament methode is inactive...

How much time it takes to be active ?

Indian Bank to withdraw money from PayPal to cost ????

Community Guru
Ramesh K Member Since: Oct 25, 2015
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If you have money in your paypal, either it will get automatically withdrawn to your bank account specified in the paypal account or you can do manual withdrawal. There is no fee for this. While initiating the withdrawal you can able to see the currency conversion rate.

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Pritam K Member Since: Nov 23, 2015
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          I opened Paypal Account. But State Bank of india is Paypal Add to do.

           Please Help Me???

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Ramesh K Member Since: Oct 25, 2015
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I dont understand your question.

You dont know how to add your bank details?

For making withdrawals you can add your State Bank account with exact name as in your paypal & bank account along with your account number and IFSC code.


If you want to make purchases through your paypal account, as an Indian user you are not allowed to do through your paypal balance. Instead you can add your 3D secured debite / credit card with your paypal account and can make purchases using it.


Any amount in your paypal account will be either auto-debited to your bank account daily or you can initiate a withdrawal at any time.

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Pritam K Member Since: Nov 23, 2015
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Hello K R,

           Thanks a lot for quick reply.
 I am really happy with your help.

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Lakshmi R Member Since: Feb 17, 2017
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In this case how much do we pay as commission in total?

i.e. Upwork to Paypal  in USD + Withdrawal from paypal in INR

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Aarti M Member Since: Feb 25, 2016
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Hi Nikhil,


Explained really well. Just one question.


Do we need to intimate bank (in India) or complete any formalities with the bank in order to receive funds, when we choose LFT method?



Aarti Menariya


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Arpana S Member Since: May 14, 2016
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Hi,  I want to understand what does  "$1.99 per withdrawal to India" means under Local Funds Transfer (INR)? Does it mean that every time the money is transferred to my Indian bank account, $1.99 will be deducted? If i register with my local Indian bank under Local Funds Transfer how the payment process works? I would appreciate, if you could answer this question.



Vladimir G Moderator Member Since: Oct 31, 2014
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Hi Arpana,


Yes, that is correct. You can find more information about adding and using a Local Fund Transfer payment option in this Help article and video.