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Best way to withdraw money in India

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Yisambi S Member Since: Sep 7, 2015
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I'm in Zambia and we cannot receive money through Paypal so that's not an option. I Joined Payoneer but their card has been on the way for 7 months. I can picture it still swimming across the ocean. I imagine it had to take the long way around, trying to avoid some sharks. Anyway, Payoneer just isn't an option for now.


Upwork's wire transfer costs me $30, which is 350 in my currency, which is 21% of my rent, which is actually due in 4 days, which makes me resent my landlord. So no, Upwork payment is not an option.


I remain with Skrill. The apparently evil Skrill. Or is it?

I was afraid before I tried it because of the gazillion negative reviews it's received on the internet. How is 1.6 out of 10 for a review? And the people my goodness! It was as if they could swear they would rather be thrown into a pit of cobras than transact through Skrill.


But Skrill saved my life.


I first withdrew $40 just to test the waters. And I was flat broke, so even though this was an experiment, it could only go one way or I was going to have to pick up my guitar and a stool, head for the market streets, and play my heart out for well-wishers' coins.


It did go the one way I had hoped it would. The good way.


I got my money and the only bits I lost were $1 to Upwork, $3.5 to Skrill, and $7 to my Bank. So Skrill only got $3.5.


But, what about the Skrill horror stories I have heard?


I don't know the full details to those, so I can't say anything about them. But, I have a few guesses.


1. When signing up, please use your correct name. Skrill is not a social network where you can use that name your mom fondly calls you by. Someone actually used a fancy name and was asking how he could change it. Use your legal name.


2. Birthday. I have done it before and I still do it. Whenever I'm signing up on sites I don't fully trust, I just enter the most convenient birthday, usually 1-1-1990. Don't. For Skrill, use your correct birthday.


3. Please don't use a backyard bank no matter how great it is in your country. I think that's how people's money gets sliced as it goes through intermediary banks. Use an international bank. I personally use Barclays and I know Standard Chartered can work. Why? Because it's standard, and it's chartered. NO, it's 'cause people have reported good results with them. I figure that's because it's an International Bank. It's headquartered in London and so is Skrill. I think that helps. Neighbours.Smiley LOL


4. Do your due diligence. But some people limit that to checking out a few reviews. The truth is, people rarely praise. They'll only talk when they've had a bad experience, even if it's their first after years of great service. Hell, people told me to stay away from Upwork but here I am.

I don't know, maybe do what I did. Risk a little of your money and see how it goes.

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Yisambi S Member Since: Sep 7, 2015
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Oh and it takes 8 hours. Sweeeet.