Better Organization of Skills Tests

Hello Freelancers

      I'm new to Upwork. I've a suggestion about the organization of skills TESTS on profiles.

      I've noticed that the highest tests scores are put first in the tests list and the lowest scores are put at the end. However, after taking some more tests, this organization has been disturbed. Now the highest score is put nearly at the end of the tests list. I'm afraid that disturbed organzation doesn't help me give potential clients the impression I want about my most relevant skills to their projects as my highest and most relevant test score are put at the end of the skills tests list.


      I think tests scores need to re-organized from the highest score to the lowest. It's great that freelancers have the option of ordering their SKILLS according to their changing relevance to different projects.  I think freelancers also need to have an option to change the order of their skills TESTS in the list according to their changing relevance to diffrent projects. That would help freelancers better update their profiles to best match new projects and best impress new clients.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Sawsan,


Thanks for sharing your feedback. I'll follow up on your profile and with the team, and update the thread.