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Better search - Feature

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Juan David P Member Since: Oct 17, 2012
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There are several indicators I consider important when looking for a job, not in any order: 1. number of applicants 2. average rate paid by client 3. average rate of interviewees 4. average rate of applicants It would be great if we could sort jobs by these factors or to see them in job list with a popup, even, it would be good is you could apply from a popup that expands this information. So far I have done a script that sorts results by number of applicants, and shows the average rate of applicants, but I think is easier and better from backend. Note also that to load a job posting page is slow, so a popup could relief load in your servers and decrease time load for your users. I think to apply quickly to jobs make sense, I am not sure about stats, but in my experience, I usually found short term jobs, meaning that a shorter application process would be likely appreciated by contractors. Thanks.