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Beware! Scammers on upwork

I have been asked to interview 4 times and they all wanted to interview on Hangout. The thing is they all used the same interview different company. The first one sent s check to set up home office which I was to purchase everything from their personal local vendor which they would never day who local vendor is bit when check arrived I had my bank check out and of course it was fraud. The other 3 did same thing but when I confronted them they blocked me. Just beware of large companies on upwork wanting to expand their business.
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This is probably the oldest scam on the internet.  The fact is by having that check sent to you, you broke one of the biggest rules on Upwork. Do not take payment off platform.  The way to protect yourself is to make sure you have an active contract in place under your my jobs tab and never accept anykind of payment off site.  This can get you suspended or banned from having a profile here.


You will get these bogus offers until you build up a bit of a work history because they like to prey on freshers because they know they don't read the ToS and learn how the site works before applying.  Please read all the help articles and familiarize the yourself with the site before you take on any more interviews or apply for any projects so that you can spot the projects that are legit or not. Good luck. 

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I don't know if you accepted the one check or accepted the other 3, but either way, aside from being scammed and losing money, your account here can get suspended because you took the financial transaction part off this site.



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Katrina is right on. I would like to add one thing. Don't shortchange yourself. What I mean is that I see a lot of folks who are relatively new to Upwork/freelancing/online work who encounter these scammers and then continue freelancing being overly cautious. Of course, it's good to be cautious, but not so much so that you take yourself out of the running for numerous great opportunities. 


Trust me, there are plenty of legitimate companies (both large and small) who want to expand their businesses. If you learn how to spot fakes and attract those great companies, you can really be successful here. 

Scammers frequently send invitations to newbies.  If I were new, I would probably decline any invitations until I had my feet wet and understood how it all works.


Same thing happened to me! I never, ever let clients take me off Upwork now for payment.


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You can see a great list of tips and warning signs in this thread: Tips to Avoid Questionable Jobs. The post was written by Lena, an Upwork community moderator.