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Beware of ** job offers

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Jonas L Member Since: Sep 25, 2015
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I did a job for **Edited for Community Guidelines** a few weeks ago, had a good communication with **Edited for Community Guidelines**, the intern (which he didn't mention at the beginning) of the company about the job, was promised 10€ per 100 data entries, etc.


As the exact volume to enter was not clear in the beginning and multiple people were working on the same job, he made a contract of 10$ and told me he would change it once confirmed how many entries I had made (error on my part, should never have accepted this)


I think you all know what's coming next... I get paid the agreed amount, but less then 30 minutes later they ask for a refund telling the people of Upwork that they made a mistake and only wanted to pay me 10$ (I had made about 1500 entries, so do the math and you'll see they owed me a bit more), of course I did not agree with this and wrote both to **Edited for Community Guidelines** and Upwork.


**Edited for Community Guidelines** answer was that the account had been taken over again by his not intern colleagues and that I should contact them directly through Upwork, which I did. No answer the first day. I sent another message the day after, including screenshots about the conversation and the agreement on the payment, no answer again. I think I tried two more days but no answer and to this day, I still did not receive an answer from Kickrs.


Luckily, I kept in communication with Upwork and sending them all the same proof. After a few days they gave me good news that after careful consideration they decided to pay me the original amount. Still, no word from **Edited for Community Guidelines**.


I do not know if other people had problems with them but I didn't like this at all and I'm not thinking of working for them ever again. I had also put a very good feedback the moment of the first payment but of course I asked Upwork to remove that for me.


If you had a similar experience, please share. And beware when you accept a job from them.