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Beware: unscrupulous client also asks to pay outside of Upwork

Hi all: 


I'm new here, still getting my chops down for how to find work.  


I received a response this morning to a proposal I made last night from someone who is on the site as **Edited for Community Guidelines**.  He asked me to contact him via Skype -- first warning flag.


After an hour of very very slow communication from him, I found out that this person, who is on Skype as **Edited for Community Guidelines**, wanted to pay me outside of Upwork.  That means if I accepted, and was caught, I could be kicked out of Upwork entirely.  


Of course, I said no.  I copied a transcript of my Skype call below, you can upload and deduce what a scumbag this person is for yourself.


I just back to my original proposal to find out more about this person.  I noticed he had marked my proposal as "declined: inappropriate proposal".  


It wasn't bad enough he's trying to scam Upwork, and me.   He wants to trash my presence here as well.


I wrote him back just a minute ago telling him he made a mistake.  Telling everybody on this board that this is a scammer is my attempt to make that statement come true.


Watch out for any listing titled like this: **Edited for Community Guidelines**.  


There were a number of listings from this person with similar wording.  My guess is this is a scammer who gets people to write for a week, then never pays them...does not have a verified pay source.


First, he wants to pay you off site.  Next, he offers $22 for $500 words.  Not terrible, but that includes research, not just writing.  And when you turn him down, he wants to trash your name.


You can get the feel for how non communicative and cagey this person is from the attached screen shot of my skype chat with him.


Question: is there a moderator or some person you can contact on this site when someone tries to make you look bad because you're calling them out for trying to cheat the system, and harm your reputation in the process?


I've been a published writer and editor for 35 years, an award winning book author and so on...I don't need this kind of petty larceny but it's worth the time to let you know about this...person.


thanks for any feedback, I just started here and it's left a bad taste in my mouth.


Jim Lawrence


**Attachment Removed for Community Guidelines**


$22 for 500 is terrible.


eta: Also, the message that goes out when Upwork removes a post is not great. That message you got is because Upwork removed the post.

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$22 for 500 is terrible.


eta: Also, the message that goes out when Upwork removes a post is not great. That message you got is because Upwork removed the post.

Hi Jennifer, thanks for your reply.  I'm not clear about something you said...the "message about removing a post" means what...the message he left about "inappropriate proposal"?  What post did Upwork remove...the one I just wrote?  

Did it say inappropriate job post or inappropriate proposal? The former means upwork removed the job. If you sent in a complaint, then this would make sense.


He wasn't going to pay you anyway, so the whole thing is a wash.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Jim,


Sorry about the confusion. The note you see on your proposal now means that the job post has been closed by Upwork because the job itself or the client violated Upwork ToS.




You will also notice that your proposal will move to the Archived folder and connects you used to apply for it (if any) will be returned to you. It will not affect your stats or profile negatively.

~ Valeria

Valeria, I'm confident you're very busy and am not sure what hours you worked over the weekend but did read some of your weekend posts.  I sent you a PM on Saturday regarding a situation and sent a follow up on Sunday.  Since I have'nt received any response from you, I wanted to assure that you did receive them and determine approximately when you think you may be able to respond.  Thank you. 



I have limited availability on weekends and unfortunately wasn't able to address your message earlier. I replied to your message now.


Sorry about the delay.

~ Valeria