I click on Bid and then I click Submit but nothing appears and does not proceed to place bid.


this  might sound like a stupid question, but... do you type in your proposal,  amount (if it's a fixed price), choose deadline?

Thank you for fast response.  When I click submit nothing happens.  Ir appears that it just frozen and nothing appears.  I see no proposal bid. Would it be possible is you and I could view my problem through TeamViewer?


let me give you the usual CS answer - try clearing your cache and browser cookies ๐Ÿ˜‰
if that doesn't work - you can try contacting upwork CS - hopefully one of the admins here will see  the post and they might be of help
I don't use team viewer - so I can't be of any help there...:-(

Oh thanks  and i appreciate your suggestion first, before i contact other(s).



another thing - I see you have no work history here - did you re-activate your account recently?
can you check how many connects you have?

I have had 3 contacts since I have been with UPWORK but no work from these prospects this entire year.

My profile is still active and on public status.


I welcome any suggestions you may think of regarding my bid problem.

greg darnell

by the way is it possible for you to contact a higher level person to help me.




well - no
the ticket will have to be opened from your account, so that upwork CS can login and check the issue



thanks for your time


Hi Greg, 

I wanted to check if you have tried Sanja's recommendation of clearing your cookies or using a different browser to see if the issue persists? 

Does this happen for one job post only? Or does this happen everytime you try to submit a proposal? 

~ Avery