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Bidding on New job

Hello Member's,

I want to share my views that I noticed, when  client post new Job on Upwork then within 5 min, hundreds of applications will be submitted and also client sends some invitations to random freelancers. Then the chances of getting invitations call from client reduces as there are very high competitions. 

Guys do you know, is there any ways to rank our freelancer profile to the Top, among many freelancers of our job category? So, we get more invitations request.

Please share your views regarding this.




Hi Ashish.


Thank you for sharing this here in the community. When you’re able to be first in line for projects you’re excited about, you’re more likely to land the work you want. With boosted proposals, you can bid additional Connects on your proposal, entering it into an auction for three boosted slots at the top of the client’s list. You may want to check this help article to be more acquainted with how the procedures work.


~ Arjay
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