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Bidding wars taking all my connects

I've been on Upwork for years and have earned a good income from it. But the recent bidding wars with the highest bidders sometimes bidding as many as 50 connects - it's just draining me. I end up using all my connects within days of receiving them and have noticed a considerable drop in job offers since this new process was implemented. I wish Upwork would reconsider this feature. It's making it hard for me to use the site 

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There is an easy solution to this problem for you. Quit clicking on the boost your bids button. 


But if you really can't bring yourself to ignore that button, only boost your bids on projects you are highly qualified for.

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Boosting your proposal is not actually effective. Clients, when they bother to look at proposals at all, tend to look for those that are most qualified. Boosting just pays Upwork and nothing else. In fact, there are many clients in the client forum who mention that they are not interested in people who boost at all. 

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Stop boosting your bid!  I very rarely boost my bid. I haven't found it to be very helpful. I am getting the same types of projects and clients I always get by bidding on the most relevant projects to my experience. 

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I rarely use the boost option when bidding on a project. If the client likes my skillset, bid and bio they will respond.  I refuse to throw money away to boost a proposal. 

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Do you ever wonder what clients see if you boost or not boost? Will your proposal just simply vanish if you do not boost?

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