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Mushtaq Ahmed K Member Since: Jun 14, 2019
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I feel I am having Bidding Problem. Can anyone Help me?

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Riri A Member Since: Jul 21, 2018
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Hi Mushtaq,


While we won't be able to advice agencies and clients with how they select freelancers, you can definitely create a proposal and a profile that would make you stand out from everyone else. You may want to check out these articles from our Hiring Headquarters to help you create proposals that win jobs, and help you boost your career on Upwork:


8+ Tips to Help You Create a Profile That Stands Out

Upwork Profiles: Why a Great Title and Overview Can Make a Difference

A How-To Guide for Your Perfect Profile Picture

Get Your Profile to the Next Level with an Intro Video

4 Ways to Create a More Successful Portfolio Regardless of Your Skill Set


Let me know if you need anything else.

~ Riri
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Bill H Member Since: Aug 18, 2017
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Peace be upon you.


Your profile is locked, so I don't know what services you offer. Also, I don't know what bidding problems you're encountering. Frequent problems are low or zero award rates, poor quality clients and launching a response into the ether without any indication it was received.


Generic advice: Make sure your profile makes clear what differentiates you from everyone else. Low price should not be your strength. Respond only to job posts with ten or fewer existing responses; respond only to  clients who have a hiring record for now. Know as much as possible about the client before submitting a response, and talk about the client far more than you do about yourself. Talk about what business needs your services meet and focus on business results. ASK QUESTIONS about the client's business. This shows you are interested in  the client, not just the client's money. Questions invite responses. Now you're in a dialog, which is where the best jobs are won.

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Ron M Member Since: Oct 25, 2016
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Bill, I have followed you for years but this is one of the best you have written. This is from one old fart to another. LOL