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Bids per Offer

Hi freelancers! Can you please share how many bids are approx for offers in you field? For example I'm an illustrator and it's about 20 - 50 bids per offer. Just want to understand the statistics. And also share your experience please if it make sence to bid for offer with 50+ bids? Thank you!!

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It varies. Typically, I don't send in proposals on jobs that have had more than 50 offers, but that's just because I want to save my connects. But if I feel like I'm a really excellent fit for a job and the client still hasn't interviewed anyone, I might send in a proposal anyway. 


It's reallly up to each individual's discretion. 

Thanks for your answer, Alisha!Smiley Happy

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Hi. I'm also an illustrator and I don't see 20-50 as often as before the connects changes. Usually something like a comic book or big budget job gets 20-50, and if I'm not in by 5-10 I don't bother.

Thank you, Jarrad C!!

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