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Billing mileage?

Curious if freelancers bill their mileage or time spent traveling for an hourly gig. My current contract has me driving to and from several retailers, and I want to know if that time should be tracked
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That's an intersting question. Certainly something we don't talk about much, because there are relatively so few jobs on Upwork that involve travel.


If I was hired to design a database for a client in London, and I drive to an office Iike to use a few miles from my home in Arizona, where I do the work... Although sometimes I just work from home...


Then of course I am NOT going to bill for mileage or time.

If I was hired (through Upwork) to work on-site for a local company... Then I am not going to bill for mileage or time.


What you are talking about is completely different, and it is a very rare thing indeed among Upwork jobs: You are talking about a job that entails driving and travelling AS PART OF THE JOB.


So you would certainly bill for both mileage and time, in my opinion.

Thanks for the reply!
Would you recommend billing the federal rate per mile or time driven?


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