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Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to ask again. This client sent me a message : 

"Your work has now been reviewed and I will shortly paying you the $25 owed to you from the previous contract that you cancelled this morning.
However, before doing so, I wish for you to amend your feedback of me and once done, please send me a screen shot so I can see you changed it.
Once done, I will make payment for you."

I am not pretty sure if this is considered as a blackmail. I just need help. Now I am having thoughts of changing the clients feedback because of this.  I gave the client a rating of 4 stars because of the slow phase of the job and because of the payment concern.

I actually cancelled the contract because it isn't working for me and I feel so underpaid. The client's job posting was actually on hourly rate but we when talked it would be on a escrow. But he assured me that tasks would keep coming in. But the phasing of this job was just to slow. And it's like I've worked for days just to earn that $25 and its not even enough to sustain my kids daily needs.

I am just afraid that if If I was able to change the clients feedback just for the sake to get the $25.00 the client might get back at me and give me a low rating that would affect my score as a freelancer. This freelancing job is my only way now to earn a living for my kids and I am afraid what could happen if I change his feedback and he might get back at me.

Just need help here. Thank you everyone.


@Jonna E wrote:

. Also one more thing, how do I block this client? I can't see the option of blocking him.

 In messages, click on the client's picture and select "Block"


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