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Block Upwork account

Hello, I am afraid that my account will be closed or banned by mistake because there is one of my relatives. You blocked his account because he violated the instructions. Now I traveled to visit him and opened my account on his computer, and you are from the same device. You blocked his account. I am now afraid that... You blocked my account by mistake because you think he created a new account, but the truth is that he is not the same person and I am a completely different person from him, but both of our names are Yasser. He is Yasser and I am also Yasser. Now can I continue to open my account on his blocked computer or not because I do not want to? If I violate your instructions and I do not know whether there is a problem with opening my account on another computer belonging to one of my relatives or not, for your information, he does not have any final access to my account because I know that the account must be for one person only and it is not allowed to be shared with anyone. I hope to respond as soon as possible because I am very afraid and I will be back after a long time, but I want to work at Upwork and I am on this trip for my relatives.


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Hi Yasser,


I'm sorry to learn about your relative's account. We won't be able to discuss the status of another user's account for privacy and security reasons. However, rest assured that decisions to suspend a user's account are not taken lightly and without thoroughly investigating for TOS violations.


The Trust & Safety team is committed to making Upwork a safe and trusted place to do business, enabling everyone in our community to thrive. This is why we ask you to follow a set of rules, including our Terms of Service, or TOS. We may suspend accounts that violate our Terms of Service. You can read about our most important policies to learn which account activities and behaviors are off-limits.


For the time being, I took a closer look at your account and confirmed that there's no restriction, so you can definitely use it as usual. 


~ Arjay
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Hi, can I close this account and create another one.

##-Hi, can I close this account and create another one. -##
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