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Block certain agency from sending job invitations

Hi For some months now I've been receiving job invitations from a certain agency operating on oDesk. Its always the same: They post a link to an external website that gives instructions on how I can apply to the job, and it always involves doing a trial job with fixed price. I cant post the company name due to forum rules but I'm sure other freelancers know about them. The point is: I'm 100% sure that I will never be interested in working for that company, and it started to annoy me having to manually decline all their job offers, which are greatly increasing in frequency(In the last 40 minutes I received 3 invitations, sometimes I receive the same invitation multiple times). Does oDesk provide any facility that I can use to block all invitations from that agency? I already tried to decline with 'This is SPAM' but I continue to receive them.

I look at them as a responsive score booster. The quicker I reject them the higher my responsive score gets :) I'm sure every freelancer with a semi-decent profile knows them. I see thousands of contractors on the invite list every time they contact me, which has been no less that 20 times.

I second that Julian. There invite doesn't bother me at all. 3 times a week I decline as fast as I could then check my responsive score.

Hi, If you want to permanently opt out of invites from this client please fill out this form. Kindly allow up to a week for the change to take affect.
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Form submited, thanks for the tip