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Blue Verified Button (under Languages)

I just saw the new look of our profiles a couple of days ago and I was surprised to see a blue Verified button in my profile under Languages. (Most just have "Self-Assessed.") Now, I'm pretty glad it's there, but why isn't it in more profiles? My friends who are native English speakers don't have it. My Filipino friends who are way more established than me don't have it. However, I did see it in a couple of other freelancers; one isn't even fluent in English and the other just joined oDesk two months ago. What gives? Is it randomly given?

[quote=Valeria Kochubei]Hi Junelle, Natasha, Stephen and Natasa, Thanks for your question about the blue "verified" check-mark next to your English proficiency information. I checked and found that having this icon means that the user has either added and verified a trustworthy English language certification or they've been rated as "Fluent" by clients when they ended contracts. We are going to post more information about how to get your language proficiency verified pretty soon. So stay tuned. Also, thanks a lot for your feedback about the new look of freelancers' profiles. I have shared it with our Team.[/quote] https://www.odesk.com/community/node/34630?page=1

Thanks, Natasha. For some reason, I didn't see that.

Hi NR!

When oDesk provides more information about adding and verifying "a trustworthy English language certification" in order to attain the "blue 'verified' check-mark next to...English proficiency information" in profiles, I hope they define exactly what qualifies as a trustworthy English language certification.

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Ron aka LanWanMan

[quote=Aleah T.]the other just joined oDesk two months ago.[/quote] No contracts?

Thanks for this forum. Now I understand how to get that verified tag.