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Bogus Client

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Taj N Member Since: Dec 12, 2014
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Let me start by describing the account of this client I have worked with for about 2 weeks. 


**edited for Community Guidelines**


I know that something is already not right. Everything is doubtful and conspicuously unreliable. Yes. It is my fault and I want to sahre this experience so that others might be aware of this kind of jam.


He is **edited for Community Guidelines**. This is his name in skype. I am really sure about his real identity though. 


When we got chatting in skype, he gave me the overview of the job. He said that they were acutally looking for an editor but they want to try first as a writer. If I adopt the writing style of their company (which I think a trap), I will be promoted as their editor; of course relatively higher payment.


Needless to say, I took the job. 


On my second week working with him, I realize something, WE HAVE NOT TALK ABOUT THE PAYMENT SCHEDULE! That was when I knew, I am in great ordeal. 


I told him that I need the payment ($45) and I will not continue writing unless he pay me first. He said he will be paying me but their is a catch - payment will be delayed. 


To cut the story short, until now, I have not been paid. I keep on pinging him in skype but without a response. He even accused me that I was not the one wrtiing the articles. **edited for Community Guidelines**


To all freelances here in oDesk, always iron the SCHEDULE OF PAYMENT first in the list.


And remember the name **edited for Community Guidelines** - he is the epitome of a COMPLETE FRAUD!

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Manish A Member Since: Nov 4, 2014
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Did you actually got hired through oDesk platform??

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Preston H Member Since: Nov 24, 2014
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Darn it, Taj, don't be doing this kind of thing! Let me speak for all of us on oDesk when I ask: What were you thinking by working for two weeks without knowing your "payment schedule"?


You're very new on oDesk, and that's the only reason this can be explained.


Do not attempt to do any more work for this client. Do not attempt to get money from this client. Do not try to communicate with this client or tell him off or anything. He is never going to pay you anything. You don't want money from him, because if he pays you anything, he can leave feedback, and that feedback will be terrible.


If there was a good way to do it on oDesk, I would suggest that you pay this client money, because he taught you a lesson that you learned early on in your oDesk career. Yes, he's bogus, but he still taught you something that you obviously needed to learn.

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Lyam B Member Since: Nov 3, 2014
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Open up a Wordpress account and put your work on there in a private posting. Check throughout the upcoming weeks to see if he's posted your material online. If he has and you've posted your first, well...that'll give you some leverage. 


Every time I do any kind of writing (except hourly contracts) - I save my work on my Wordpress and keep it private.


For future reference, discuss payment schedules before you get the job. Check the client's reputation.


Although I agree with Preston that you should avoid communication with the client, I would however; send the client a message telling them your content is online privately, and should he use it - he'd be breaching copyright, 


Good luck!