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Bonuses are pending after six days.

Hello everyone, it's actually regarding my payments, my earnings show 2k+ my client's spent money is shown as 3k plus which shows the transaction has been processed but it has been more then six days I got my bonuses but they still are pending  even though job is also completed with good review. Bonuses make the major chunk of my payment because hourly rate couldn't compensate for the intense work I was doing. How can I get to know if the client has paid or not?

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Hi Farhan,


In general, payments like bonuses will remain pending until the client's payment method is successfully charged and the payment goes through. If there are any issues and the payment isn't successful, it'll remain in Pending status and Upwork team would be reaching out to the client with more information. I'd also like to note that payments like bonuses aren't eligible for Payment Protection.

~ Valeria
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