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Bonuses like a debts??

My client paid me 100$ (as funded) + 20$ as bonus.

Then it looks like I'm in 20$ debt - in "Remaining" section it shows: "-20$"

Just now he added me additional Millerstone (70$ funded). But in "Remaining" section it shown 50$ only.



On projects with a value of less than $500, Upwork take a fee of 20% which applies to payments and bonuses. So for your $100 you should have got $80, for your bonus you should have got $16, and for the $70 you should get $56... or $152 in total. 


The '-$20' bit you're seeing probably relates to the original payment of $100 as that's what the fee would be for that. 

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Hi Alexandr, 

I checked your account and can see in the milestones that your are correctly showing. You may also check your Transaction History to see when the bonus and the earnings will show up in your account. Let us know if you have other questions!

~ Avery

In transaction history everything is ok.

In Remaning window I can see strange digits. Some hours ago it was -20$ (but should be 0$). Just now it's 50$ (but should br 70$.

No., it's not couse of commissions. This page does not calculate any comissions, i think.


There was an earlier thread on bonuses showing in some contexts as negative figures because they were credits to your account over and above the contract price. I have not seen this in any of the reports I look at. As I say, it has been previously reported.


Alexandr, What the top line means is that of the total initial budget agreed by the client, there is $50 remaining.  Your second milestone of $70 is funded, so you have nothing to worry about. The budget of fixed price contracts can change up and down depending on what is agreed to and what the client pays out. The initial total "agreed" is largely irrelevant. Once the "remaining" has been exhausted, the client can continue to add extra milestones and fund extra payments if they wish. All you need to worry about is confirming that each milestone is funded.