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Boolean filter field extension?

Does anyone know of a way to extend the field for a Boolean filter?


I am out of the allowed room for filtering out scams.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Jeanne,

Are you using Advanced Search option or using Boolean operators directly in the search bar? How many charachters are you entering? I can check with the team what the character limit is there. 

~ Valeria

Hi, Valeria; thanks for responding. I've tried both. I seem to be at a limit of 58 characters. Is there any way to expand the characters?

Upwork, I'm still waiting to hear how I can expand the Boolean field. With all the contact information for every messaging service, phone numbers, and the ever-present "copytyping, retyping" garbage, my filters are full and I still have obvious scam jobs all over my job feed. Upwork, you still refuse to filter out even t.me and other obvious contacts. So, expand the characters in the field so we can do the job ourselves. This is absurd!

Hi Jeanne,


I apologize for a delay with providing an update. We've been having a conversation with our engineers about this. While they confirmed that there will have to be a character limit on what can be inputted into the job search field for security reasons, they limit is currently set higher than what you report your experience has been. We've been trying to replicate your experience but it gets limited at 200 characters, not 58. 

When you save the search, you get to add a name for the saved search and that will need to be shorter, but the actual query can fit 200 characters.

Could you please share any screenshots or a loom video of what you experience and where your query gets cut off? Also could you please share which browser version you're using?

~ Valeria
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