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Boost bidding

Hi guys


Can someone please explain to me how "boost bidding" adds value for the client? Surely a client will benefit more if the proposals are ranked in order of skillset, experience, and job success score?

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Hi William


Access seems to be denied to the link you provided.

Try again - just clicked and works fine.

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Upwork does an extremely poor job of that sort of ranking, probably because there are so many variables. Often, the first several proposals that appear organically are so terrible that a client wanders off and never hires anyone--perhaps never uses Upwork again. 


Boosting is likely a neutral for clients--they can choose to open the boosted proposals first or not. I usually just skim the first two lines and mini-profile to decide which to open--I suspect tht's what most clients do.

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Upwork says that Boosting allows clients to see which freelancers are most interested in their projects and that high interest is a great sign that a freelancer is dedicated to helping you get the results you’re looking for. I guess the other freelancers who don't boost their proposals are not as interested, but submitted proposals anyway. 😂

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It doesn't add value to the customer. It's a source of income for Upwork and an expense for the freelancer. 

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