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Boost your proposal (to be seen now it's just a matter of buying tons of connects)

This is mad, it's discouraging and unfair for freelancers. Sending a good proposal isn't important or valued anymore, it's just about spending money on buying connects to bid. If all freelancers could agree and stop doing this, that would be beneficial for us all. All we are doing as freelancers spending money and boosting proposals like crazy is harmful to our pockets and only for our pockets. Today I was about to apply to a job that has 85 connects bid!! Totally mad. I wouldn't want to go there. 

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That's one of the worst features of Upwork. I've seen people spending 25 connects on a $5 job.

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I agreed.
It is so difficult for freelancers to survive in the market but it also has advantages.
Only serious freelancers can continue with the platform and challenge their self too.
Please let me know what you think

300 connects in a day? I'm not sure I've used 300 connects in a year. I know for sure I've never come anywhere near that in a month.

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>>> Many freelancers don't earn anymore, most of the earnings are spent on connects

>>> in hopes of getting more jobs and the cycle continues.


You may soon see the 'good news' that Upwork is suddenly profitable. You might receive a very corporate email message outlining how you should be happy about it, and thanking you for your many connect purchases . . . uh, hard work . . . in making that happen. Keep on boosting!

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I used to get Invites to Interview all the time. In  the last two weeks I submitted 38 proposals, about 8 were actually viewed by the client.  The Connects are complete bull**bleep**.  I've been on this platform for years, before that Elance, over 250 jobs, I'm highly qualified in my field, yet I can't even get clients to notice me now.

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I don't boost - and sometimes it takes awhile but I am still able to get jobs.

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So, you assume that most of the Upwork clients you would like to work with are too lazy or too stupid to look beyond the fourth proposal in their lists? Why would you want to work with such incompetents?

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85 connects for 1 proposal!!! Seriously? This is crazy! Wow@

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