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Boosted proposal

Please can anyone guide me about the boosted proposal? What does it mean ? And is it good to use boosted proposal?



A Boosted proposal is a proposal that is given priority placement in the search results. Boosted proposals are more likely to be seen by potential clients, and as a result, they have a higher chance of being selected for a project.

Boosted proposals are given priority placement in the list of PROPOSALS that a client receives on his job...not in search results! 

Do they have any advantages? For new freelancers

No one has reported that boosting proposals has been advantageous for them. Upwork might eventually share their findings to let us know what the results are of this proposal boosting feature.


For now, based on what many experienced freelancers are saying, do not waste connects on boosting. Instead, make sure you are writing exceptional proposals and apply to jobs which are a best fit. Quality over quantity approach. Quantity with quality is of couse better.

If Upwork are making good money with the boosted proposals, I think they will be reluctant to say if they are not really making much difference. I have heard stories of people spending up to 300 connects on bids. Sounds like a good business to me.

Definitely! The proposal boosting is a revenue generating avenue for UW for sure. They have the right to do that as a business. And yes, they could still share how beneficial boosting has been for freelancers and clients in terms of contract successes, but if it's not making much of a difference, sharing that would deter those who think they'll get more jobs with it, affecting UW's business.


It would be great if they'd also address concerns raised by many freelancers and clients. Meaning, find ways to maximize their revenue, and at the same time make the members happy too.

I have not seen evidence of that. It may also vary with the job type. On a common job with less value, like data entry, where the client can get 100 proposals, I guess he will not bother to look through all but just the top ones. On higher value jobs, that require highly qualified people, and where the client may get up to 50 proposals, I cannot imagine him being lazy enough to just look at the proposals at the top. He will be carefully looking at almost all of them trying to find the best qualified and experienced freelancer.


Thank you Mian S

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