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Bots Bidding 50 Connects within Seconds


I've seen a huge raise in Bots on Upwork that are bidding 50 Connects for even 10$ Projects to all the way to higher projects. It is effecting the Freelancers who are searching for tailored Jobs that match our Skillset. The Bots bids within seconds meanwhile we are writing Proposals. The Bots are a reason that are downgrading the value of Freelancers and Clients as well. There should be a solution to that so that visibility for Customized Proposals rather than Proposal generated from OpenAI are bidding blindly!

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The solution is that Upwork should stop giving out any free connects, but it could take years for them to wake up and acknowledge that some freelancers are gaming the system (e.g. like when they were giving out free connects for every interview). 

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This is already irreversible. It is cheaper to create a Newwork than to revive an Upwork. The reputation is destroyed, no fool would bring money here.

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