Brand New to Upwork...How Do I Attract Hirerers?

So I'm a very, VERY green paralegal, just getting started. I have a work history entirely unrelated to my education as a paralegal, and so far I've had trouble finding entry level work. I've submitted a few proposals on Upwork, typically bidding very low on pay.

My main question is how do I attract work if I have a blank slate as a profile? How do you get your first jobs on this site if you have no one to vouch for you and no work history on here? And suggestions and feedback is most welcome.

James, I know this isn't what you want to hear, but you really shouldn't be offering freelance paralegal services in a remote setting with no experience. 


I'm a former attorney and former paralegal instructor/board member of a paralegal education program, and this is an arena where you really need to have some experience. Depending on the type of work, I might hire you as a freelancer if you were local and I had the opportunity to work more directly with you on your first couple of projects, but generally the reason an attorney hires a freelance paralegal is that he or she doesn't have time to do those pieces of the work--they don't have time to train you, either.


I'm sorry to be so negative, but you really should be exploring every opportunity to get some live experience before offering your services in this way.


That aside, there are a few things you may want to consider:


- there are a lot of legal writing jobs on Upwork. That may be an area where you can get some related Upwork experience and ratings to help make you more marketable


- don't bid very low. It says "desperate and unsure of my value." That works (in a way) in some fields, but that's not what an attorney wants in someone he or she is handing off important work to.


Thanks for the advice, I'll look more heavily in the legal writing selection. I have a bachelor degree in legal studies, and I just took all five of my NALA certification exams (pretty sure I passed all them) so I am finding myself in the unfortunate position of being an educated, soon to be certified paralegal with zero practical working experience in the field.

Over the past year, I've interviewed for the local court house and law firms quite literally dozens of times, but at the end of the day no one has been willing to take me on due to lack of experience. It's been more than a little frustrating. I was hoping that I might be able to get some experience on UpWork.

James, not to be Debby Downer but I'm a paralegal with 23 years experience in only top-rated lawfirms and I don't land a bunch of gigs on here in the legal field.  (There are plenty people who think that paralegals are discount lawyers, but clearly I would never do that sort of work).


Have you done a paralegal internship?  Sometimes those can turn into a real job.  Mine was incredible as I got to help mock try several cases.