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Bug? Ghost?? or else???

Community Guru

1. Last month the number of my total job was 148 that became 168 in one night!!! Today it has become 138!!! How come?

2. Mid of last month my total hours was 600. After working 10 more hours it went back and became 578! Then after working 25 hours now its showing 601. What's wrong?


3. I was having 5-6 invitations daily. Then suddenly stopped! Now receive 1-2 invitation every week and most of them are strange! In my last 14 generation, none could speak in Japnanese nor even me. How come they invite me to translate English to Japanese? 


Our biggest help is this community without a doubt. Can anyone help please why my job invitation was stopped suddenly while each of my job was rated a 5 star?


4. Unfortunately my govt doesn't allow PayPal so I only use local bank account to withdraw my money. I don't need to buy connect because I hardly apply for job but still I need to upgrade my membership just because I need Support Team's advice. I don't have problem to pay monthly charge. But still I can't do that because there is no option to make the first payment using my upwork account in stead outer account!!!! Would you upwork fix it please?






Community Guru

Take a look at this thread - they did indeed fix a bug. Up until last week jobs/hours were counted that shouldn't have been included in the totals displayed on our profiles. Or so CS said.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi AHM Mahmudur,


Ela is correct, total hours displayed incorrectly for a period of time including hours for jobs where no money exchanged hands. It has been fixed since and now a correct number of hours should display on your profile.


You should be able to contact Customer Support and receive help even if you have a Basic Membership. Please, do so and our team will be able to further advise you on the alternative solutions for billing methods and the situation with the invitations.


Thank you!



~ Valeria