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Bug in Upwork Payment Schedule

Hello Freelancers,


I recently saw a bug in upwork payment schedule , I set the payment schedule to quarterly and because of some reason I do not want payment this quarter so I changed it to October 3 2018 and today I saw 31 Dec 2018 (The option is clearly seen in payment schedule today) so I chaged it to that.


To my surprise I got email from upwork that payment has been processed, this is a serious issue and support person is saying that you have selected quarterly option so it got processed today , if that is the case then why 31 dec 2018 date is shown in the schedule ?




Hi Priyanka,

Sorry to hear you encountered this issue. I checked your account and there was ticket created for you. You may post any questions you have on the ticket thread and the team will get back to you with more information.


~ Jo-An

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