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Bug with odesk Team App

Hi, I've been having a weird problem with oDesk Team Room app. I am part of a big team of workers, and I can usually see if they are logged on and working.. but as of recently (like about a week to 10 days ago), it has stopped showing me when people are working. It still shows the list of people who are logged on, but it displays them as not working when I know for a fact that they are on the clock. I just installed the latest version, thinking that might solve it but it hasnt. Any suggestions? Anyone having the same problem ? PS: I have been using this app for over a year with no problems until now. (Im using Mac OSX 10.8) Thanks for your help JMO

I reported this a week ago. The first time I was told it was a known issue and Odesk was working on it. I opened the ticket again as they closed it on me after telling me to wait it would be fixed. I ask again and got told my client blocked us from viewing each other and set that we couldn't chat is why it was this way. I ask the client and they said they didn't change anything in the Teamviewer, so I still do not have an answer and they closed my ticket again. I assume this means we don't know and you aren't worth our time. I tried uninstalling it and reinstalling and I still only have small icons no pictures no information about team mates and no answer from Odesk. It seems that they passed the buck to my client who has no idea why it is doing what it is.

I'm having the same problem for two weeks now. I think it's a bug and it is not related to the clients as I have the same problem with all my clients in the app and I cannot see any of the team members. It's so annoying. I love oDesk, but it has so many bugs that I consider moving to another platform.

Roxanna, I gave up on contacting support. The first time they admitted there was a problem, the next time they blamed it on the client. My client said he did not change anything in the Tracker. I wish they would fix it too as it is annoying not being able to see who I work with.

I have the same problem

I get "!" sign instead green circle, and my ID is blinking. Also, I can't see my team members as I could yesterday. What is happening?

I think it's a new bug. I can't see any of my team members and the green circle alternates a red or white speech bubble which I find distracting.

Didn't know it was a bug. Thought maybe someone sent me a message or something. Tried to click that speech bubble several times, but didn't see any message at all.

Our Engineering team has identified this as temporary system issue which is currently being troubleshooted. Unfortunately, there is no ETA yet. Rest assured that we will update you as soon as it is fixed. EDIT: Fixed.

[quote=Natasha R.]EDIT: Fixed.[/quote] not for me

It was fine for me, but now I have the same issue again. I guess they're working on it.

Try to open with username instead of email address it helped me, may be it can solve your problem too

I also faced same problem last two days. Even my team members not shown. How to get rid of them. Thanks

It hasn't been working properly for me for about 3 weeks now. I am still unable to log on time with a particular client. My problems all started a few weeks after upgrading to the new oDesk Team App. I was unable to log into it. Saw on the forum what people did to solve their problem after Support couldn't provide them with any concrete and effective solutions: downgrade to the old version. It worked well for a few weeks, until I was unable to log into 1 client. Support came back to me, asking me to upgrade again. WHAT? That was what caused the entire problem to begin with! It's exasperating. This is the kind of thing that gets you fired in the first place. It's irritating.

The problem is still not solved as far as I can tell -- I still cant see who is working and who isn't. any news on when this will be solved? Several versions have been released since I first mentioned this problem but none of them seem to have dealt with this issue. I have tried on 4 different computers with the same result.. -Joëlle
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