I have 64 bit Windows 7. Recently my Upwork application updated to

Now, it tells "Unable to get your contracts". And list is empty, I cannot log my work.

I successfully logged time today with the previous version. Now, I cannot register my work.

In earlier times, Upwork offered "Revert to previous version". Now, this option is gone.

Where can I get an earlier version?

Thank you,



Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Maris,


Could you please try to deleting the cache and restarting the App, as instructed in this help article.  

You can also redownload the app from the web using these links:

Windows 32-bit
Windows 64-bit

If the issue persists, please report it following ''How do I report a problem?'' section of previously shared Troubleshooting guide, and our team will assist you directly.


Thank you.

~ Bojan

From this time, had lot of another bugs in 699. But no sense to report, because you already jumped back to in download page.

Bad thing - nobody (neither bad application, nor email, nor Web page notifications) informed me about it. I detected it, when my stopped to support login. Obviously, your server broke support for this buggy version, but nobody informed users.

Bad thing - download page does not display version numbers.

Bad thing - version numbers not included in setup file names.


Best regards,