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Bugs everywhere



I have always had a "good" opinion about Upwork, but this is getting seriously tested now.


For the last few weeks I'm noticing bugs are appearing everywhere. Some of the bugs I know of:


- The save search feature (for jobs) disappeared. I can't save a job search and I can't edit my existing ones. This renders the entire job feed useless. It is crucial. It is a bug that should have been fixed in just a few hours. It has been, at least, a week.


- The time-tracker app crashes all the time. It used to work quite good, but now, every time I want to track the time for a different client I can only do it by exiting entirely the app (I actually have to kill the process with `pkill -9` in ubuntu, as clicking Exit has no effect). If I want to change the memo, the app stays lcoked at the "edit memo" view and there is not way to go back to the list or see the last screenshot taken, unless I pkill the app and start it anew. I've been working like this for about 2 weeks now.


- I see many people complaining that the top rate eligible weeks are not moving. This did not affect me, but whoever is affected must be very unhappy. This has also been there for two weeks.


At least two of these (first and last) are known bugs as publicly stated by Upwork employees. The two first problems are crucial for my business. I should not need to spend more time than necessary searching for jobs and tracking my hours.


I don't want to know that "we are working on it". I want them fixed, yesterday. You have millions of users paying fees, I think your response time could (and should) be greatly improved.

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Very true. stuck here with eligible weeks issue for about 2 months now. with the reply of "our engineers are working on this issue..

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I am still experiencing sporadic delays loading the Message Center page.


This morning, once it finally loaded and I had access to messages re. a new offer from an Enterprise client which involves an onboarding process, I was unable to proceed with the latter due to unspecified 'technical problems' with the site. I had to check back several times (thus interrupting other work) until that was resolved and I could proceed. Meanwhile, what was working was the reminder system nagging me to complete that onboarding process. 

I realize a platform like this is like a giant ship that never puts in to port, all repairs and upgrades have to be implemented while underway. Still, it's hard to tolerate some of this time-wasting stuff with equanimity while watching resources being invested in stuff that's not mission-critical (and arguably, obstructive in some cases) like availability badges and restructuring the forum (which worked fine before, it just wasn't shiny and new any more).


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